Microsoft’s Phil Spencer “Happy” to See Nintendo Games on Xbox One

Twitter can be a wonderful source for the spontaneity of stories it generates. So it was today, as Xbox head Phil Spencer made some rather surprising statements on the social media platform. Responding to praise from a fan for getting Minecraft (now owned by Microsoft) onto Wii U, he said:

Pressed on the matter of whether Nintendo games might one day make it Microsoft’s console, he responded:

While that’s nothing like an official confirmation or even a very enthusiastic push, it’s a sign that enmity between the companies perhaps isn’t so strong as certain fanboys like to make out. It would make some sense – Microsoft and Nintendo’s consoles are both lagging far behind Sony’s PS4, and collaboration could open up a bigger market for each.

But it’s unlikely. Nintendo trade off their exclusivity – the reason people buy a Wii U is to have the likes of Mario, Zelda and Splatoon when nobody else does. While they might increase game sales by allowing those properties on Xbox, or PS4, or PC or any other platform, they’d quite likely cripple their own hardware sales.

Source: Twitter

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