Cubed: A Major Announcement

If you’ve been following our social media output recently, you’ll know we yesterday broke some big news. We’ve been working for some time on a new magazine – to be published digitally and in print – and it’s called Cubed. We’ve wanted to do this for months, all because we missed the kinds of magazines we grew up reading, and which got us into games journalism in the first place.

Emap’s Nintendo Official Magazine, NGC, and OPM were of a different, more creative, more anarchic, more colourful breed to the remnant of games magazines which survive today. They employed humour and personality to a huge degree, but also provided great insight and interest to the dedicated reader. That’s what we’re hoping to bring back.

We know it’s going to be hard. We won’t be able to pay ourselves out of it for a long time yet, and there are probably many stresses, trials and tribulations ahead. But we hope you like it anyway.

We’ll be distributing the first issue absolutely free, right here, when it launches on January 1st. After that it will be available to our Patreon subscribers each month for as little as $2 for a digital copy (or alternatively you can buy it on Kindle for the same price). For the real enthusiast, print copies will be available for $8 too. We really appreciate our core of loyal readers, and we’d love to hear what you think.

To back Cubed magazine and sign up to receive each issue direct to your inbox every month, click here.

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Robin Wilde

Co-Editor of Cubed Gamers, meaning I send out, take in, edit and upload content. I'm also in charge of doing much of the graphics and design stuff for the site.

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