Square Enix Offer Free Game to Honour David Bowie

As people the world over pay homage to the late David Bowie, the news has resurfaced that the innovative musician once gifted his talents to the world of gaming. If you cast your minds back to 1999, you might recall a game called Omikron: The Nomad Soul, a title from the now world-famous Quantic Dream.

Mr Bowie provided his likeness to the game, cameoing as the revolutionary Boz, as well the lead singer of the fictional music group, The Dreamers. His music also made an appearance, with several tracks from his album Hours being written especially for the game, including the song New Angels of Promise featuring as the game’s intro. These were then rewritten for the album’s release.

The game, which had story and design input from Bowie, released back in 1999 for Microsoft Windows, with a Dreamcast version following in 2000. As a result, it is hard to track down a copy, yet publisher Square Enix has offered gamers the chance to procure a free copy of Omikron from today, in honour of the great man’s life and tragic passing from liver cancer. The offer lasts until January 22nd. Just use the promo code “omicron” at the checkout of Square Enix’s online store to secure your copy.

Source: engadgetUK

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