Top Ten Fun Things to do in Just Cause 3

The world of Just Cause 3 is filled with things to do, bases to destroy and missions to complete to aid the rebel efforts. But once all that’s over you can choose to make your own fun – here are just a few ways we’ve done that.

Medici Space Programme

Medici Space Programme

The Medici space programme is still in its early days. Many of the rockets are yet to take off, but there is a new hope of breaking through my butts with this new form of rocket booster – harnessing the never-before-seen potential of the gas canister to shatter the sky and soar among the stars. The rockets are occasionally prone to explosions, though – sending their valiant pilot further towards the stars with explosive force.

Driving Around

Driving Around

From the twisting coastal paths to the slick city streets Medici has countless roads to explore, and with the verticality of Medici comes cliffs for Rico to throw himself up or off in a daredevil jump or a poorly managed corner. Whatever your choice, the isles of Medici are a joy to drive around and if you would ever happen to get bored of your car, all it takes is stepping out the door before it turns into a flaming ball of destruction, hurtling towards any obstacle in your way – such as a military convoy, or a petrol station.

Rico’s Vehicle Delivery System

Arial Tractor Drops (1)

If you’ve ever been caught out in the open, enemies are bound to be closing in from the horizon. If you’re in need of a quick getaway but finding yourself out of beacons to use the rebel service, never fear as Rico is here. With the power of  cargo planes Rico can fly over you, and with only a short hop into the cargo bay he can be sending your vehicle in no time, even giving you a display of aerial acrobatics on his way down.

Explode Everything

Explode Everything (1)

You can destroy a lot of things with an explosive charge. A statue, a bridge or a small fuel depot. Rico however chose to bring more than he’d ever need, lining his seemingly endless pockets with an infinite supply of C4 to detonate his way through the island. A good thing too that he brought so much, with Medici’s 400 square miles of land filled with military compounds and outposts, all of which can be exploded.

Topple a dictatorship

Topple a dictator (1)

If you have somehow had enough of random wanton violence against the military bases of Medici then there is an alternative. Targeted wanton violence over the military bases of Medici! Taking down Di Ravello’s bases one by one in the pursuit of liberation and topping his regime to save the people. After all, this is all in Rico’s job description of Dictator Removal Specialist.



With the regime toppled there is only one thing left to do, throw a party! And no party would be complete without a conga line. Thankfully Rico is here to help with the tether to really bring people together. A simple conga line however would not be fitting of just having toppled a dictatorship, so bring along a sports car, a set of tethers and get the celebration going. You will be the life of the party.


Extreme Spelunking (1)

Rico is a master of aerial acrobatics, flipping and gliding through the air with his new wingsuit. But sometimes it comes time to settle down and do something more relaxing, spelunking through the caverns and caves of Medici. Rico however does not know the word ‘Relaxing’ and has decided to add to a growing list of completely unpractical sports with extreme spelunking. Gone are the days of boring ropes and heavy equipment as Rico brings on the age of wingsuits, soaring through and sometimes into the caves and cliffs of Medici.

Wacky Weapons

Big head mode

Rico has always wanted to be agent 007 and now in his latest adventure his dreams may just be realised. Sadly for Rico, his dreams have been realised through the guise of the big head gun. Thankfully for 00-Rico the DK pistols prove a powerful weapon, with only a few shots having your enemies drift off into the sky. Sadly the pair of pistols don’t work against Di Ravello. It might be something to do with him being in a gold plated attack helicopter, but I like to think they just can’t make him any more big headed.



It can be hard to find love while there’s a revolution going on. Rico however is not one to abandon love, coming to the rescue with his own dating service endeavouring to find the perfect match in this time of war. The secret to Rico’s matching is in the Bavarium-infused tether, using calculated algorithms in order to determine who would be perfect together before sending them off on their first encounter. Needless to say Rico really brings people together. There are some who say that shipping containers cannot love, but Rico however strives to prove them wrong, his tether taking a break from uniting the people and turning instead to unite a tale of true love, a humble shipping container, a helicopter and an enemy base. Surely there is no better match.

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