PlayStation 4 Exclusives Still to Come in 2016

The summer has always been a notoriously slow month, with July in particular not yielding a large quantity of games, but very few of them being very distinct. However all is not lost dear readers, and those holding onto their hard earned cash awaiting a truly spectacular PS4 exclusive that Sony is known to produce need only wait a little longer. Cubed takes a look at the hottest exclusives still to come in 2016.


No Man’s Sky – August 10th

No man's sky

Unless you have been living under a rock these past few months, it is highly likely you will have heard of this game. Developed by Brighton studio Hello Games, this incredibly ambitious project puts in the players in charge of exploring a universe with a ground breaking procedural generation algorithm, which allows for an untold number of planets with new species and minerals to collect. The player’s mission is to reach the centre of the universe. How you achieve it is entirely up to you.


Inversus – 16th August


For those who had their fill of triple A games with Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted 4 earlier this year, look no further than this clever ‘negative-space shooter’ developed by Bungie’s former lead sandbox engineer Ryan Juckett. Inversus presents the player with a seemingly simple-looking shooter, which has players control black and white squares. The twist is that black avatars can only move on white squares and white avatars can only move through black. The level is created as the game progresses, with each player carving out different paths and escape routes to evade the others attacks. The game comes as expected with local multiplayer with up to four people, as well as a score attack arcade mode that can be tackled in single player or co-op.


Alone With You – 23rd August

ALone with you

Another creative title, this time from the developer of indie horror classic Home, Alone with You is a sci-fi exploration game that follows the last surviving member of a failed terraforming project who meets several unique characters along the way. The one-man team behind the project – Benjamin Rivers – intends to deliver a unique, ‘psychological romance’ game adding potential romantic partners into the mix of exploration and intrigue.


The Last Guardian 28th October

Last Guardian

Arguably the most anticipated game of all time, second only to Half Life 3, The Last Guardian finally received a release date, much to everyone’s surprise at last months Sony conference. Very little is still known about the plot of the game other than you play as a small boy who encounters a strange dog-bird hybrid chained up, and upon freeing it is tasked to overcome various platforming and puzzle solving sections throughout the game. Whether it reaches the dizzying heights of Team Ico’s previous entries remains to be seen.


Grand Turismo Sport 18th November

GT Sport

Building off the Forza model of spin offs, GT Sport has been confirmed to not be the direct sequel to GT 6, but will feature a full campaign, sports mode and arcade mode. At the game’s unveiling during E3, developer Polyphony focused on this entry being the first game to partner with the FIA and have championships which will result in players being awarded trophies alongside real-life racers. This essentially means it will be recognised as a form of motorsport, although one expects that real racers won’t be too pleased about this. The game will also feature two championships that run for a whole year: Nations Cup where you drive for your country, and Manufacturers Cup where you race for your favourite car maker. Those unsure of whether or not they should wait for the true sequel can rest assured that the game will be more substantial than previous prologue games. According to Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan, the game will also be online, and thus will have much more to offer than previous entries that were restricted to what was on the disc.


Dreams – Beta arriving Late 2016


It is a common frustration shared by many to awake from a fantastic dream only to be unable to recall any of it upon further scrutiny. Media Molecule offers players the chance to sculpt their dreams in 3D in their new game Dreams. Much like Little Big Planet, Dreams is a crafting tool for players to showcase creations from their subconscious for others to explore. So far the game’s levels are creations of the Media Molecule team, with the players travelling through it with an ‘imp’ which can possess any number of AI characters and use their abilities to solve puzzles in platform like gameplay. The most exciting feature however, comes in the form of its versatility. Everything players create can be exported, from development engine ‘Unity’ to 3D printers. VR support has also been hinted at, but has not as yet been officially announced.


What Remains of Edith Finch

Edith Fitch

A more literary affair in the vein of 2013 title The Novelist, Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State. Each story offers the chance to experience the life of a different family member, with stories that range from the early 1900s to the present day. The gameplay is as varied as the characters themselves, however they all come to an end after the characters’ deaths. The player follows Edith Finch as she explores her family history in order to find out why she is the last of her line. Developed by the Giant Sparrow, the team behind Unfinished Swan, the game can be expected to be equally, if not more creative in its storytelling techniques.


Paragon – Paid early access spring 2016


Amongst a largely similar crowd of announcements focused around console exclusives, Paragon was one of the few that featured a more PC-centric MOBA gameplay style. It is predominantly a third person shooter very much in the vein of what we have seen from Epic Games in the past, but with some elements of MOBA gameplay added for good measure. The player can choose from a roster of unique Heroes and earn cards to customise their abilities. It is claimed that the game is designed so that every player can compete and win without having to spend a penny, however until the beta hits later this year, it remains to be seen.


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