PlayStation 4 Pro Announced – Coming This Year

At Wednesday’s PlayStation meeting in New York, Sony finally unveiled two new PS4 consoles as well as revealing a couple other exciting developments coming to PlayStation owners. The PlayStation Pro is an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 and will start at $399. Along with an upgraded GPU, it is also coming with a 1TB hard drive as standard. The console will have superior graphics and a faster processor while being able to support the new 4K resolutions. It is also going to be able to allow for a much smoother PSVR experience for those who are planning on purchasing the virtual reality headset. Release date is set just in time for the holidays on November 10th.

Sony also announced the long awaited Slim version of the PlayStation 4. Set at $299, the console will have most the same features as the original, but with a slightly redesigned controller featuring light bar that can be seen from the front. Those who have been putting off a PS4 and love this cheaper option won’t have to wait long, as it hits stores as of September 15th.

A firmware update coming next week was announced as well that will add HDR support to all PlayStation 4 consoles, including the base model. Those who have an HDR television will see the improvement right away – for everyone else it may be time to upgrade if you want to see what the enhanced picture will look like. It was also announced that certain titles would have upgraded graphics but just for the PlayStation Pro. With PlayStation VR ready to be released October 13th and now the announcement of two new consoles, Sony has got themselves set and ready for the holiday season as player look for bundle deals and reasons to upgrade. For those who haven’t yet, this may be the best time to do so.

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