Battlefield 1 Beta Impressions

The Battlefield 1 open beta has finally come to an end and so far it has been a “blast”. All puns aside, DICE has brought us another iteration of their take on the FPS genre, only this time with an old world twist and we’ve had a great time with it. Battlefield 1 is based on World War 1, known to many as “The Great War”. DICE has done a fantastic job bringing history back to life. The battlefield feels raw and chaotic and is visually astounding. Using the same PBR technology that was utilized in Star Wars Battlefront, and with the help of fantastic voice acting, one can’t help but feel your pulse quicken as you hear bombs crashing all around. The cacophony of gunfire mixing with the cries of fallen soldiers pushes you from one check point to the next, making every moment feel as tense as the last.

The open beta is letting players get a taste of two of the upcoming gamemodes. Conquest is basically a full scale war where you and 64 other players battle to see who can raise the most flags by taking over and holding down large scale objectives. The other game mode shown off was Rush, where you and a smaller team are defending or attacking an objective. Both gamemodes have a lot to offer, and the introduction of new maps and objective types will make them even more intense. World War 1, though horrifying, took place in some truly beautiful places and it will be interesting to see which battlefields they decided to recreate.

Authentically captivating, Battlefield 1 feels like you have been placed right into a war movie. The weapons are ancient by modern standards and feel heavy. Reload times are slow but not to a point of frustration. Where the game could use some work is with the vehicles and airplanes. The planes handled a little odd and flying controls were not the most comfortable. Players can expect to crash a couple times before they get the hang of it. The tanks in the game could use a little tweaking as well. Visibility when inside the tank and firing is very low, and though this is most likely meant to be realistic, it makes driving very difficult. Going into third-person view when entering a vehicle would be a better option than the small window you’re given to try and maneuver around the battlefield. There is one vehicle, however, that handles really well and is extremely fun to use, but it is also very over-powered. The horses in Battlefield are incredibly strong. During a playthrough of the beta, we saw a tank take on a horse and it took at least three shots to stop it in its tracks. Whatever they are feeding these AI horses it can’t be legal, but hopefully DICE dials them back a bit and balances out the other vehicles as well.

EA did have a couple of issues with the servers at first, but that is to be expected during a beta test. However, if it’s anything like Star Wars Battlefront’s launch then expect some issues day one. Overall, Battlefield 1 looks and plays like another classic Battlefield title with a new shiny wrapper on it. Those who are history buffs will enjoy being able to play through some of the most iconic moments in all of world history, and fans of Battlefield will be more than satisfied with it’s familiarity. As long as DICE balances a couple things out and EA has an issue free launch, players can expect this to be one of the better Battlefield titles we have seen.

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