VIDEO: Nintendo Unveils New Console, Nintendo Switch

Gaming giant Nintendo have announced the latest in their console line up, a hybrid mobile and home console platform named Nintendo Switch. In a three minute announcement trailer uploaded to YouTube and streamed live on their website, Nintendo showed off the system, formerly known as the NX, which will shortly replace the Wii U – and may even pose a threat to future Nintendo handhelds.

The console features detachable controllers which can be affixed to a screen, Wii U style, when the system is being played on the go. A more traditional twin-stick controller is also available, similar to the Wii U Pro Controller. Other changes to the existing format include the removal of discs as a storage medium, with the Switch instead reverting to small, DS-style cartridges.

The power of the console was demonstrated in the three minute preview video, when it was shown running Skyrim: Definitive edition, as well as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and new versions of both Mario Kart and a 3D Mario platformer.

The console will officially launch in March 2017, but the announcement trailer contained no information on pricing, so expect more information from Nintendo in the months ahead.

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