Destroy all Humans: Resurgence?

I will freely admit, even without the assistance of an alcoholic beverage, that Destroy all Humans is one of my all-time favourite franchises. True, amongst the vast tapestry that envelops the entire gaming landscape, the series is nothing special to behold. It’s a very basic open-world concept, one that merely revolves around campy 1950s sci-fi tropes and primordial destructive desires. And yet, there is something about it that utterly enthralls my entire being, filling me with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as I mercilessly disintegrate hordes of mindless, pathetic humans, all in the name of the mighty Furon empire.

Unfortunately, since 2008’s (frankly awful) Path of the Furon, the series has been on hiatus, with nought but the odd cryptic tweet to suggest that a brand-new invasion might be on the horizon. However, all that might be about to change, that is if the recent re-release of the 2005’s Destroy all Humans is anything to go by.

THQ Nordic, the current holders of the Destroy all Humans IP, have, as of this month, released an HD-upscale port of the series’ original entry for the PlayStation 4. While in the grand scheme of things such a development might seem rather insignificant, it could be an indication of an imminent return for the series. Of course, Nordic might simply be unleashing the game onto the market in an attempt to extract as much golden blood from the stone as possible, yet I believe there’s something else at play here.

Ever since Nordic acquired the franchise IP during the great THQ fire sale of 2013, there have been rumours of a potential reinvigoration of the series. In fact, Nordic Games’ product development director and executive producer, Reihard Pollice, in regards to Destroy all Humans, even stated that, “there are a few options we are evaluating now. Hope to get started on one of these soon.” This latest development only adds fuel to the development fire that there is indeed something in the works over at Nordic. I firmly believe that the PS4 re-release is a test-bed by the publisher in order to gauge consumer excitement in preparation for a potential new entry in the franchise.

Whether this is true or not, we can only sit and wait in anticipation to see exactly what THQ Nordic have up their sleeve. I have faith that there is indeed a place in today’s gaming landscape for a quirky, fun-fuelled alien invasion extravaganza. I only hope that Nordic gives the franchise the sequel it so desperately deserves, rather than the putrid piece of rancid failure that we got with THQ’s utterly terrible Path of the Furon.

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