Top 10 Picks of PSX 2016

As the third annual PlayStation Experience kicked off thousands of miles away in the sunny state of California, tens of thousands the world over tuned in online to witness the future of PlayStation. For an hour and a half on Saturday night, I sat utterly transfixed at the wonders unfolding before me on screen, squealing with unbridled joy as my eyes feasted on the radiant cornucopia of games coming to the platform in the future. In the three years that encompass this show’s existence, never have we, the fans, been given such a magnificent display, with everything from hot new triple-A exclusives to hidden indie gems being revealed onstage. That said, some of those gems shine brighter than others, so without further ado, here are my top ten picks of PSX 2016.


  • I would be a fool not to lead off The Last of Us Part II, without doubt the crowning moment of the entire conference, and a game that is rippling the very fabric of the gaming landscape. Though we got barely anything other than a brief teaser, the mere confirmation of the game’s existence is more than enough to satisfy my appetite for now. In typical Naughty Dog style, the trailer was a glorious synthesis of graphical beauty and evocative storytelling that will do doubt once more push both the boundaries of both technology and storytelling in videogames. Seeing Ellie all grown up struck me with an overwhelming sense of fatherly pride, and I can’t wait to see not only what calamity has beset her and Joel, but also how the world as a whole has evolved over the past couple of years. By predication: It’s complete chaos.




  • This year’s PSX played host to a resurrection event akin to Lazarus’s biblical restoration, with seemingly endless classic PlayStation franchises poised to make a return on the PS4 in the near-future. Yet whilst the likes of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and PaRappa the Rapper wooed baying audiences with their sleek HD makeovers, it was the promise of a Patapon remake that really sent my heart crescendoing like a pounding base drum. This rhythm-combat hybrid is a bonified forgotten PlayStation classic has been unfairly side-lined by Sony over the last couple of years, thus it’s invigorating to see it being given another chance to wow audiences with its charming prehistoric pretences.
  • nex

  • Resogun is one of my favourite games of this generation, so it is no surprise that I am overflowing with uncontrollable enthusiasm at the prospect of yet another Housemarque classic. Infused with all of the neon-laden extravagance the studio is renowned for, Nex Machina resonates the radiant aura of an instant twin-stick classic that’ll utterly enthral gameplay connoisseurs the world over. If Housemarque’s previous works are anything to go by, this is without doubt one we should all keep an eye on.
  • yonder

  • Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is one of those delightful indie secrets that only manifest themselves at events like PSX, bedazzling the souls of all who gaze upon it. The game’s debut trailer is simply beautiful to behold, with a gorgeously realised open-world that reverberates with artistic excellence. While little is known about Yonder other than that it’s an open-world adventure set on an island, there certainly appears to be Zelda-esc threads to this gorgeous tapestry. That potential alone is enough to mark Yonder as a future darling of the industry.
  • rain-world

  • From one scintillating indie spark to another, Rain World is a survival platformer that appears to be washing away the stale formula of the genre in favour of something all the more meaningful. In Rain World, danger is an ever-present companion. Forgot the simple leaping and hurdling from platformers past, this is something more. It’s a fight for your very survival. The whole experience looks absolutely glorious, and thus I feel safe with the prospect of proclaiming this one of 2017’s greatest games.
  • ace-combat-7

  • If any game can demonstrate the brilliance of VR it is Ace Combat 7, the latest entry in a series that has seemed destined from its very genesis to demonstrate the power and glory of this technological phenomenon. PSX gave us a first look at the gameplay and story of Ace Combat, and while things don’t appear to be anything more than the typical flight combat affair, the luscious graphics and promise of full VR support certainly send the senses into overload.
  • monokuma

  • All hail the Vita! If PSX proved anything then it’s that there are still several brilliant titles in the works for Sony beleaguered handheld, chief amongst which is Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. I’ve only played the first game in this acclaimed Japanese franchise, but the chilling cocktail of psychotically murderous teddy bears and investigative gameplay means that I’m wholeheartedly enthusiastic to descend into Danganrompa’s twisted, yet tantalising world once more.
  • mvc

  • Fighting games and the Marvel universe: two things I’ve only very recently developed a liking for. For years, I’ve shunned these two worlds, denying myself of the glorious bounties of fun hidden within them. Thus, I cannot wait to get my hands-on Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinate, a game that, by all rights, I would have avoided like a Japanese dating sim. Though we barely got to see anything at PSX other than six characters and a host of dazzling special effects, it all looked extraordinary. The game has a lot to live up to, especially when you consider the legendary Marvel Vs, Capcom 3, but given the willingness by Marvel to reinvigorate its videogame platform, you can definitely expect great things from MvC: Infinate.
  • ni-no-kuni-ii

  • Announced at last year’s PSX, Ni no Kuni II: Reverent Kingdom enchanted audiences with its drop-dead gorgeous visuals and passionate narrative. The game’s latest reveal in Anaheim over the weekend gifted spectators with a gameplay trailer laden with soulful narrative moments and astounding gameplay segments. The whole trailer amalgamates to create a fairy-tale adventure that looks even more captivating than the original. A lack of the former’s titular Pokémon-esque systems is a rather disappointing development, but hopefully Level 5 are merely keeping in under wraps for a future unveiling.
  • nioh

  • After over twelve years of development, Nioh is but mere months away from release, joining the likes of Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian as improbable games that have finally escaped from the deathly clutches of development hell. PSX gave us another trailer to satiate our appetites in the meantime, showing a gloriously grotesque dance of death, demons and ancient Japanese lore. The prospect of a game that combines the tactical, unforgiving combat of Dark Souls and the cultural overtones of Onimusha is just too exhilarating to comprehend. I only hope that the game generates the same levels of feverous fandom inspired by another PlayStation exclusive, Bloodborne.


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