For Honor Beta Closes Unexpectedly

Ubisoft have a lot to answer for as thousands of beta testers have been kicked out of For Honor access.

The time is now 8:20 PM EST, and for approximately 20 minutes, nobody has been playing For Honor. Like so many others who were blessed with a For Honor closed beta code, I was baffled when I left the game for five minutes to return to an image asking me to purchase the full title. Nobody wants to see the ‘Play’ button replaced with ‘Get the Full Game’, before the game has even been released. This was completely unexpected as the beta was slated to end Jan. 29, 8 PM EST (Jan. 30, 1:30 AM GMT)

While writing this, the servers are back online and beta testers have returned access to For Honor. Though for only a short period of time (around 30 minutes), Ubisoft has already seen a backlash from beta players in their suggestions forum exclusive to testers. Whoops.

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