New Competitor Vie-ing for The Sims’s Crown

For many years, EA and The Sims franchise have held what is effectively a monopoly over the entirety of the life-simulation genre. Despite the unstoppable success of EA’s record-breaking cash cow, no one has dared enter the fray and give the gargantuan franchise a run for its money. However, that all now seems to be over with the reveal of Project Vie, a new life-simulation game that incorporates both managerial and role-playing elements to create an experience that closely, though not entirely, resembles The Sims franchise we all know and love.

While the team have yet to divulge any specifics with regards to how the game will actually function, they have detailed the project’s goals and ambitions, with the promise of more information to come on March 15th. While it certainly would seem that Project Vie is striving to appeal to fans to The Sims series, the development team have stated that while “Vie’s target audience overlaps with The Sims’s, Vie isn’t for every The Sims player and The Sims isn’t for every Vie player.” That said, the team are clearing gunning to capitalise on the rather mixed reception The Sims 4 has garnered since its release in September, 2014.

The reveal of Project Vie is very exciting indeed. The absence of a competitor for The Sims 4 until is certainly perplexing, especially given the prevailing disgruntled feeling that has surrounded The Sims 4 since its inception. Many fans have verbally expressed their dissatisfaction with the direction the franchise has taken over the last couple of years, citing a lack of content and features at launch as the primary reasoning behind their frustrations.  The emergence of a competitor not only offers an alternative for disgruntled fans, but also potentially motivates EA to implement the changes life-long players have been demanding from the start. After all, competition in business leads to innovation and improvement.  

Original Story by Sims Community.

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