Online Viking Survival RPG Valnir Rok Swings its way onto Early Access

Valnir Rok, an online Viking-themed roleplaying adventure by indie studio encurio GmbH, is out now on Steam Early Access.

Taking cues from the likes of DayZ and Rust, Valnir Rok has you fighting for survival in a viciously competitive survival sandbox world that attempts to shake up the traditional multiplayer survival formula by taking cues from Norse mythology.

Alongside the quintessential survival elements such as hunting, crafting, and player vs. player combat, Valnir Rok introduces some intriguing additions inspired by the historical adventures of Ivar the Boneless and Company. Players can hunt legendary mythical creatures straight out of the old Norse tales, earn favour or notoriety with the three local Norse gods of Valnir, as well as raid and pillage NPC settlements.

The game will also feature a quest system written by Giles Kristian, a bestselling novelist best known for the Raven saga.

As of now, players who partake in the game’s Early Access program can explore, craft, fight, found clans, build houses and complete quests. Encurio plan to implement additional features, such as new combat modes and an advanced economy system, in time for the game’s full release sometime in early 2018.

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