Caveman Warriors – Review

It’s some time in our prehistoric past and you’re beloved bone chomping children have been taken from your tribe by nefarious aliens from another world. What do you do? Go on a club-swinging, monkey-throwing, spear-chucking rampage until you get those little balls of Jurassic era cuteness home safe and sound. Caveman Warriors from JanduSoft is multiplayer game that gets its inspiration from games like New Super Mario and Metal Slug. Fast, fun and downright silly, Caveman Warriors delivers a good time for a short time, but unfortunately doesn’t have what it takes to hold you on for much longer than an hour or so.

Set up like a typical sidescroller, you can play as 4 different characters, each one boasting unique powers. You can switch between characters mid-game, which is great because you have to use certain characters powers to be able to progress further. Liliana, a Neanderthal woman who has a snake attached to her spear that she seems to be quite fond of, is needed to be able to reach those high places. While Moe, a rock and roll inspired cave man, has a two-headed monkey that he throws in order to distract your enemy’s and get the party started with some groovy tunes. Though the characters are funny and relatively easy to learn, they are lacking in depth. You don’t really care which character you are using, and after playing through the game I didn’t really come out with an absolute favorite.

The key to this game is the multiplayer. Alone, this game isn’t boring but it falls short with lack luster story, very basic animations, and a dismal amount of collectibles. What really makes it worth a playthrough is when you dive in with a friend or two and go on an alien-killing, dino-smashing, caveman bashing tangent. Up to four people can play at one time, which makes taking down those really tough enemies a lot easier. In fact, the more people you have playing the more entertaining this game is, and we would definitely recommend not going it alone, because the game starts to feel like a real grind if you do.

Keeping in fashion with the typical side scroll this game doubles down on what makes those games enjoyable. Easy to pick up, fun to play, with some challenging moments sprinkled in it delivers exactly what you would expect. Though imaginative and silly, the game falls short when it comes to replay value. There is very little to collect and you and you’re friends can play through in one sitting if you chose to. It’s also isn’t the most polished game and at time reminds me of the old flash games I used to play on websites like This is definitely a fun party game that could keep you and you’re buddies entertained but don’t go into it expecting to be playing all day. Overall, Caveman Warriors is a unique and fun experience and is a fantastic pallet cleanser when you are in-between games.

Aesthetic 6
Replay Value 4
Mechanics 5

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