VR Action-Adventure Paperville Panic! Coming to Steam Early Access

Paperville Panic, an action-adventure VR exploration game by the independent Australian studio Ultimerse, is out now on Steam Early Access, though players will be unable to buy into the program until December.

Having survived merrily over the years, Paperville is now threatened by the outbreak of a ferocious fire, the first to ever hit the town. It’s up to you as the town’s newest firefighter to save Paperville from burning to a crisp as you fight back the flames, save citizens trapped by the burning rubble, and deal with the populace as they struggle to come to terms with the terror that was ravaged their once idyllic town.

Paperville Panic will release sometime in 2018, with a demo coming later this month.

For more on Paperville Panic as well as other up-and-coming indie titles, stay tuned to CubedGamers.com.

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