Deep-Sea Side-Scroller Earth Atlantis Available Now for Nintendo Switch

Today marks the release of Earth Atlantis for Nintendo Switch, a retro style side-scrolling shooter set in a vivid post-apocalyptic underwater world. The game is currently available as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop for $14.99, €14.99, and £13.49 respectively.

In Earth Atlantis, the once-majestic crowning capitals of humanity have been destroyed, reduced to mere ruins deep down underneath sea. Among the submerged ruins of human civilisation, terrifying creature-machine hybrids have appeared.

As a “Hunter”, it is up to you to journey into the dark depths of this submerged world and hunt down dreadful sea monsters and explore the post-apocalyptic ruins of humanity’s once great cities. To do so, you must choose from four playable submarines, each with their own unique weapons and abilities to take advantage of, as you navigate through Earth Atlantis‘ two distinct gameplay modes: Quest Mode and Hunter Mode.

The game also incorporates “Monster-Hunting” gameplay in addition to its traditional side-scrolling shooter mechanics, allowing players to hunt down the terrifying monsters hidden deep below the waves in the game’s Hunter mode.

Earth Atlantis features a highly unique “Old Sketching” art style inspired by 14th century marine exploration, a time when sailors believed there to be terrifying monsters lurking beneath the waves.

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