Turn-Based Sci-Fi RPG Daath Origins Out Now on Steam Early Access

Daath Origins, a turn-based RPG set within a dark interdimensional space opera, is now available on Steam Early Access for £6.99 and $9.99 respectively.

In Daath Origins, you get to helm the command of an interstellar starship as you venture across a multiverse featuring 36 sectors and over 500 handcraft planets to explore, all the while managing a crew with a million fragile human lives to protect or exploit as you seek to free humanity from a totalitarian alien regime.

As you venture across the humongous handcrafted multiverse, you and your core crew of 26 will make decisions that will shape the entire galaxy – and beyond – for years to come. As the ship’s captain, you must choose between incurring the wrath of the crew or acquiring the secret rewards of the multiverse. Join or destroy a multitude of encounterable factions as you shape the galaxy as you see fit via the 75+ unique quests.

Daath Origins is entirely the work of a single man, Jeff Quindlen, who is personally creating 100 physical Collector’s Editions, each of which will contain: the game on DVD-ROM, a map and manual, the Daath Origins Original Soundtrack, as well as other as-yet confirmed bonuses.

If you’re interested in checking out Daath Origins, you can find on Steam Early Access right here.

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