Star Wars: BattleFront II, Beta Impressions

The evil Separatists have pushed you all the way back into the Castle on Naboo. You have tried everything you can to keep them at bay. You’ve thrown thermal grenades by the dozen, you’ve saved your battle points and used them for everything from spawning as a wookie to piloting a Naboo Star Fighter. None of that matters now. The droids are about to breach your defenses. You group up with friends and try to make a push. Your blaster fires one bolt after another as you take down  B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids alike. Just as you feel the tide about to turn and victory within your grasp you hear the all to familiar sound of that dreaded double bladed light saber as Darth Maul cuts his way through your clone trooper brothers. You try to turn to find some sort of cover but it’s to late the Sith Lord throws his saber with ease and slices you down as well. That’s ok though because little did he know you’ve been managing you battle points like a boss and now Rey is available for you to play. You equip all you star cards and wait to spawn knowing in just a couple seconds your enemy will hear the all to familiar sound of your light saber as well.

Star Wars Battlefront II from EA Games, is now having their open beta and it’s so far looking to be one of if not the top shooters of the year. Dynamic, beautiful, and competitive Battlefront II delivers on all the promises EA made while promoting the game. Star Wars Battlefront, 2015 was an amazing Star Wars experience but it was a lack luster shooting game with no story mode, broken matchmaking, and not nearly enough content to justify spending money on the DLC. Despite many other problems that players voiced loudly the game stayed popular amongst die hard Star Wars fans but for those who wanted a better shooter the was plenty more out there to play. Star Wars Battlefront II is going to pull and and keep, not just Star Wars fans but fans of a good FPS’s all around. 

Players can choose between Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist class to spawn in as. Playing the objective, staying with team mates, and getting kills all help towards scoring battle points. Instead of just lucking into an upgrade like In the original Battlefront, you earn them in Battlefront II by earning and spending battle points. You can choose to spawn in as a vehicle, special reinforcement ( like a B2 battle droid, or a Wookiee) or a hero. During the beta you can play as four distinct heroes. Boba Fett, Han Solo, Darth Maul, and Rey are all available to play as and each character is unique, and each changes the battle in different ways. 

Their are 4 game modes available to try during the beta, Galactic Assault, 40 player all out war with vehicles and heroes available to play, Star Fighter Assault, fast paced space battles where you can pilot X-Wings and TIE fighters as well as spend battle points on hero ships,  Strike, a 16 player objective based mode where you can spend battle points on special troops, and  arcade, a place to hone your skills and stack credits. Each mode is set on a different map. You will get to play on Takodana, Naboo, and Fondor. Each map is absolutely breath taking and designed really well. The days of being out in the open to be sniped at will are gone! 

EA has done what some used to think was impossible from a AAA developer, they listened. Every single issue I had with the original Battlefront, well except that there is still no team chat, has been solved. Gameplay is exciting and engaging. You no longer feel like you are just trying to get as many kills as possible before the time runs out. You really do feel rewarded for staying with teammates and playing the objective, so those who may not be the best at just mowing people down can still contribute to helping there team win and will still be rewarded with battle points. The changes made to Star Cards is also incredible. Each class can be customized with Star Cards and with the ability to earn and spend credits on crates playing has never felt more rewarding. There are also little intangible improvements such as how much more debris and trash you find in the streets making it feel as if the map has come to life around you. There is also the new sound you hear when you score a kill a simple ping lets you know that your enemy is down.  It is simple changes and large ones alike that show the developers paid attention to detail and kept there promise to give the fans exactly what they have been asking for, a richer deeper gaming experience. 

Battlefront 2 has its problems, so it’s very good it is in the beta phase and we can still give EA our input to help them fix the couple of issues that we have seen. This is why EA may have decided to extend the beta a couple days, in order to give players more time to find the bugs. Some of the weapons feel a bit unbalanced and their is a real issue with some heroes feeling overpowered. Make sure you dive in before the beta closes so you can have a say in how the final game turns out.

We will be giving a full review when the game drops the November and we will wait until the give it an official score. However, it is looking like Star Wars Battlefront 2 may be one of the top selling games of the holiday season. With the release of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer the hype around the Star Wars universe is at an all time high right now so we can expect to see fans of the franchise and fans of good games buying up this game.


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