Turn-Based Strategy Game Field of Glory II Now Available

Slitherine Software have announced that their turn-based historical strategy simulation, Field of Glory II, is now available on Steam.

Set across two centuries of bloody historical warfare from 280 B.C. to 25 B.C, Field of Glory 2 has you fighting for control of the Mediterranean Sea, the centre of European power at the time, as you endeavour to rule over the ancient civilisations that dominated the region at the time.

In order to achieve such a bold plan, you must choose from over 48 factions and 78 army lists as you fight your way across the randomly generated battlefields of ancient Europe.

The game features 4 historically-based campaigns rife with exhilarating strategic decisions and challenges. In addition, you can also jump straight into the fight in Skirmish mode and create your own perfect custom battle or campaign.

Passionate players can also purchase a physical version of the game directly from Slitherine’s website, which comes complete with a full-colour hardcover manual.

For more on Field of Glory as well as other intrepid new titles, stay tuned to CubedGamers.com.

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