All New Sega Shop Coming Soon

Sega, the legendary, multinational game developer and publisher has just announced that they will be
soon be launching its own onlne store aptly named Sega Shop.
Not much is known about the store itself but what we do know is that it will be featuring several different
categories of Sega related merchandise such as collectibles, limited edition specialized pins,
different kinds of accessories, and even different types of home decor!
While the initial selection may be a bit limited there will be an ever expanding selection that die-hard fans and newcomers alike can enjoy! After launch, you will be
able to peruse a healthy selection of merchandise from popular Sega brands like Sonic, Golden Ax and a
few others!
Expect the Sega Shop to launch sometime on or around Tuesday, October the 17th! Are you excited to
see what the Sega Shop has to offer? Sign up for an e-mail alert about the grand opening at to be notified when the store will
see its official opening! Happy shopping!

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