Crazy Justice Looks Like A Crazy Good Time For Everyone

Crazy Justice is a third-person, cell-shaded, steampunk-style game developed by Black Riddle Studios that just seems to keep getting better and better with every update announced. With amazing features like a destructible environment, split screen support, a customizable skill deck and a building system, Crazy Justice brings something to the table for everyone and to top it all off, it supports cross platform play between PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch!

Crazy justice has a campaign mode that that can be played alone or with a friend and tells the story of one of the characters while teaching you the ins and outs of the game. However, as it stands right now, the main focus is on the multiplayer. With several different game types, including a newly announced battle-royale mode (which is a first for the Nintendo Switch), it is
sure to be a blast!

Crazy Justice is being funded by only two people which is pretty amazing in its own right and is currently sitting at 69% funded with the campaign ending on October 19 th . The rewards bundles start at only $15 and all pledges are rewarded with a digital copy of the game which will retail at $24.99 at launch in Q2 of 2018. Make sure to pledge to grab a copy and join the fight in
Crazy Justice!

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