Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 2: Brave New World – Review

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4

(Copy purchased by the reviewer)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Brave New World is a sublime example of what can be achieved when love, passion, and expertise are combined together to create what might be one of the greatest narrative experiences to ever grace the industry.

The main storyline is as enthralling as ever. The budding relationship between Chloe and Rachel blossoms into a beautifully-written realisation of the maelstrom that is teenage mind when confronted with the possibility of true love in the face of absolute pain and hardship. The supporting cast can, at times, feel too dependent upon the actions of Chloe and Rachel, yet the game still does a good job at making them feel like independent characters with lives of their own.

However, where Brave New World truly astounds is with its narrative design. Every single component, be it a simple fire poker or Chloe’s scrapyard sanctuary, has been meticulously designed to ensure that it symbolises either a character’s inner thoughts and personality or the overall narrative plot threads. Everything within the episode has a purpose, something very few games manage to accomplish.

There are hiccups however. For a penultimate episode, Brave New World lacks the climactic ramping-up of events one would certainly expect. The central plot is still somewhat ambiguous, and it’s hard to see how the final episode will be able to squeeze in everything it needs to with feeling rushed – to put it simply, Brave New World is a great second episode for a five-part series.

World Desgin10
Dialogue 8

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