ARPG Hybrid Spellspire Out Now For Nintendo Switch

Finish developer 10tons Ltd. have announced today that Spellspire, an action RPG/wordgame hybrid, is now available for Nintendo Switch.

In Spellspire you assume the role of a tiny wizard attempting to climb a humongous 100 level tower. Each level is plagued by deadly monsters to slay and exotic loot to acquire. All of that sounds rather ordinary by ARPG standards, but what makes Spellspire special is its unique combat system. Rather than employing a traditional click and cast system, the game instead uses an intriguing spelling combat system, whereby you have to spell out words using a ten-letter grid. Upon completing a word, a might spell is forged and send blasting straight into the face of your adversary – the longer the word, the more powerful your spell will become.

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