Hack n’ Slash Thy Sword Coming to Steam Next Week

Thy Sword, a hack n’ slash platformer by Finish/Swedish developer GamePhase featuring procedural level generation and roguelike elements, is coming to Steam next week.

Featuring graphics and sounds inspired the classic 80’s and 90’s videogames, Thy Sword has you saddling up to take on a heroic challenge bursting with swordplay and sorcery aplenty. You must end the tyrannical rule of the Dark Overlord and restore the kingdom to its former glory by striking him down with Thy Sword.

However, brave adventurer, you do not need to tackle the terrifying might of the Dark Overlord alone. Thy Sword is a fully cooperative adventure, allowing you to team with a friend as you traverse the pixelated vistas of Thy Sword’s fantasy world. Intrepid adventurers might, however, want to be wary of whom they bring along with them. Due to Thy Sword’s inbuilt PvP system, your treasured ally might just decide to sink a poisoned dagger in your back. You have been warned…

Thy Sword will be available on Steam, with fully customisable controller support, from November 14. You can find a link to the game’s Steam page here.

If you like to know more about the three-man team behind Thy Sword, please check out their website here.

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