Justice Duel Out Now… For The NES

In a press announcement straight out of the 1980s, Mega Cat Studios have revealed that their upmcing multiplayer duelling-extravaganza, Justice Duel, is out now for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In Justice Duel, players must compete against AI versions of past presidents as they face-off against one another whilst jousting atop genetically engineered eagles in a bizarre arcade classic that is about as authentic to the classic 1980s NES experience as it is possible to get. As you duel amongst the clouds against some of the greatest figures from American history, you must watch out for bear traps, firecrackers bursting in mid-air and land mines disguised as eagle eggs as you attempt to become the great eagle jouster of them all.

Justice Duel features four playable figures from American history, including Abraham Lincoln and General Lee, as well as Four arenas for duelling, from the Capitol Building to the U.S.S. Independence.

Not only that, but the game also features multiplayer with up to four people, a feature that less than 1% of NES games are able to support. A Four Score is required, however.

Alongside the available characters and maps, Justice Duel also includes an achievement system, as well as the inclusion of genetically engineered cyborg eagles with top hats! What more could you want?

You can check out Mega Cat Studios’ website right here.

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