Area Shooter Crimsonland Coming to Nintendo Switch This Week

Finnish developer 10tons Ltd. have announced that they bringing yet another game to the Nintendo Switch, this time in the form of the cult classic arena shooter Crimsonland.

Having originally launched way back in 2003 before being remastered in 2014, Crimsonland is a top-down twin stick arena shooter featuring an endless Survival mode, massive amounts of monsters on the screen simultaneously, dozens and dozens of weapons, perks, and levels, as well as immensely gratifying powerups.

In addition, the game also features 60 quests in Quest Mode, up to four player local co-op, 5 unique survival modes, 32 awe-inspiring weapons, and 55 awesome perks.

Crimsonland is set to launch on November 24, and will be priced at $13.99.

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