Sobek - Assassin's Creed Origins

How to defeat Sobek in Assassin’s Creed: Origins

The second Trial of the Gods quest is now active in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and this time you’re fighting the oversized crocodile god, Sobek. Don’t be fooled, this Sobek is nothing like the old, withered croc that you come across in the main story, this one is very strong and will not hesitate to kill you if you make a mistake. Luckily, this guide will prevent that from happening and make sure you come on top.

As before, the recommended level for this fight is level 40, and will be very difficult, if not impossible, if you are lower than level 37 or so. Fortunately, the quest is active for 6 days, finishing on the 28th November, giving you plenty of time to level up if you need, and will be back at a later date for those who have yet to pick up the game.

If you’ve already fought Anubis, the idea is very much the same. You deal damage to the god by firing arrows at his chest. Light arrows are particularly useful for this task as you just take aim and hold down the fire button, allowing you to move around the arena without too much extra thought. You’ll have to keep moving too, as Sobek has a couple of attacks up his sleeves. The first he’ll turn to is sending a wave down a straight path, much like the god who came before him. You’ll see the ground light up red before he does though, giving you change to get out of the way. As this wave is often sent to second guess your moves, the easiest way to dodge is to turn back on yourself and run the other way.

Almost immediately after, Sobek will send out his other attack in which he boils the ground beneath you. As before, the ground will light up before he does, this time in large circles. Stand between two of the circles and wait for him to finish. He will do this move twice, one after the other (apart from when he switches to three at a time when his health is down to half), so keep an eye on the ground after the first one. While he’s attacking, look down at the ground for loot that can be picked up, replenishing your arrows.

Sobek - Assassin's Creed Origins

Sobek will send out smaller fighters to take you down.

When you take off a quarter of Sobek’s health, he’ll become temporarily invincible while he sends out his goons, so stop firing at him until they’re dispatched. These act like every other human enemy you come across in the game, so take them down with a well-placed headshot or go head to head with your swords. Be careful though, they can quickly gang up on you, dealing a large amount of damage, and Sobek will still be sending his attacks out to you.

During this time, you’ll be introduced to a new attack from Sobek, where he sends arrows raining down from the skies. The game will prompt you to hold your shield up, so this is exactly what you need to do at this point, while making sure the smaller enemies don’t crowd around you as you do.

The fight is really a case of rinse and repeat. Keep your distance, keep an eye on the ground, and you will come out on top, even if it does take a couple of attempts.

After winning the fight, you’ll be given a piece of legendary gear and 1000XP. You can repeat this fight as many times as you like to earn XP, but you’ll only be given the gear once. The third round is likely to go live soon after the end of this one, so keep your eye out on our website for the next guide.

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