Action Puzzler Little Medusa Announced for the NES

Following on from the release of Justice Duel last week, the historical developer Mega Cat Studios have announced yet anther game for the NES, this time in the form of the action puzzler Little Medusa.

The game chronicles the trials and tribulations of a Greek goddess suffering from a terrible hair day. After drawing the ire of a fellow Goddess, Artemiza, our brave heroine, finds herself transformed into a Gorgon. With a slithering, scaly hairstyle and a mind set on revenge, Artemiza must fight her way to the top of Mount Olympus in an attempt to cure her affliction.

However, Artemiza’s hair is more than a stylish hairdo. Thanks to the ancient power flowing through her magically altered veins, Artemiza can petrify enemies and use their stony remnants to solve puzzles, beat the Titans, and take her rightful place on Mount Olympus as the favourite child of the gods.

Featuring five worlds full of complex puzzles to solve and monsters to solidify, Little Medusa also contains over a secret sixth level, as well as over twenty unlockable achievements.

Those interested in supporting the development of Little Medusa can pre-order the game from the comapny’s website right here.

For more on Little Medusa as well as other intriguing new indie titles, stay tuned to


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