Guide to killing war elephants in Assassin’s Creed Origins

The hardest enemies in Assassin’s Creed: Origins aren’t what you’d expect. It isn’t a muscly Greek commander, or an angry crocodile: it’s elephants trained for war. There are five different elephants for you to bring down in four separate fights and they’re certainly not messing around. Thankfully, we have the knowledge to defeat them with relative ease.

General tips

Don’t be under levelled – Each elephant is level 40, and a tough level 40 at that. You’ll struggle to kill them if you’re too far under the max level, so take some time to grind before taking any of them on. During this time you should also be upgrading your equipment; arrows which award you health on hit will be invaluable.

Keep moving – war elephants don’t have a great range of attack, so keep your distance and dodge when they charge towards you. If you dodge into the trunk, you should easily avoid any charges, as it will swing in the opposite direction.

Aim for the legs – War elephants have a fair amount of armour on their face, making it hard to land any arrows in particularly sensitive spots. Keep aiming for the bottom of the animal, or its behind when it turns to run away, in order to chip off its health.

Don’t get backed into a corner – The arenas you fight the elephants in often have objects strewn around. Get trapped between them and you’ll become an easy target. Keep an eye out on your surroundings and stay in open areas.


You can find Herwennefer in the White Desert Oasis, to the left of the large patch of water.

As well as dodging charges from the elephant, its riders will shoot arrows at you. You cannot kill these riders, so you’ll have to focus on avoiding their shots. Do so by holding up your shield when you see the ground change colour, or by dodging at the very last second. After every time the elephant charges towards you, it will raise up on to its back legs. Use this time to shoot arrows at its belly, which is a large weak spot.

Once you’ve taken away a third of its health, the riders on top will start throwing poison bombs. Stay well out of their way to avoid unnecessary damage.


Surus resides in the Green Mountains, in the south of the region.

Like with Herwennefer, the riders on top of this elephant will fire arrows at you, giving you another thing to avoid in the battlefield. Either raise your shield or dodge out of the way at the last second to avoid getting hit by these.

The elephant will make a racket before charging at you, giving you enough time to get some distance and prepare to dodge. Once he does charge, either attack his legs with your sword or rain arrows down on him, and move when he raises a foot to stamp on you.

Once you take away a third of its health, the riders will fire arrows while the elephant is charging. Keep your shield raised and focus on avoiding being trampled on, as this is the real health destroyer.

After two thirds of its health has gone, firebombs will start falling near you – keep your eye on the ground as well as on Surus. He will also become more aggressive at this point and will attack much more regularly.


Jumbe is in Herakleion Nome, on the rightmost island.

This elephant has a different way of letting you know he’s about to attack, one which you can easily use to your advantage. He will run away briefly in order to build up his charge towards you. When he does, head to a nearby wall to cause him to run into it and temporarily stun himself. You can then use this period to slash at his ankles.

After he has lost a third of his health, his riders will give him a hand, much to your disadvantage. Before he charges, they will throw smoke bombs at you which can stun you if you’re not careful. If you do get caught by one, quickly use the dodge button to get moving again and keep your eye on Jumbe.

When he reaches his last third of his health he will charge much more regularly and smoke bombs will be thrown at the most inconvenient times, often causing you to get caught in Jumbe’s path. Keep moving and keep your distance, relying on arrows to help you out.

Qetesh and Resheph

They can be found in Uab Nome, to the south.

Although there are two elephants during this fight, they will take turns in attacking you, meaning you can effectively ignore the passive elephant.

Qetesh will not charge much, instead allowing her riders to attack you from above. She will raise her head slightly each time they do, opening her up to attacks from your arrows.

When either one of them reaches around half their health, they will start working together. Qetesh’s riders will fire at you while Resheph charges towards you. Face the former with your shield, while keeping your eye on the latter and dodging at the last minute to avoid damage.

Do not focus entirely on one elephant, as when one dies, the other one will become much more aggressive. To make the fight easier, keep their health levels more or less the same, allowing you to take one down almost immediately after the other and avoiding their aggression.

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