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Cubed Gamers is a small but steadily-growing gaming website offering independent and reasonably impartial news, reviews, videos and analysis. Our contributors are spread all over the world, from America to Britain to the Philippines, and we offer all sorts of views as a result.

Founded in August 2011 as a response to the E3 announcements that year and the founders’ love of video games, Cubed Gamers expanded from a couple of Let’s Plays and articles into a veritable media empire – okay, perhaps we wouldn’t go that far. What we do have is a dedicated, hardworking team who do their best to bring you games journalism that is incisive, well informed and entertaining.

Meet the Team

Robin: Games Editor

A writer, gamer and all-around good guy, Robin is the lanky one with the long hair and the suit, from whom came forth the idea for this most glorious of websites. He’s also providing the funds for hosting, so the others had better behave.He hopes to one day gather an army of rabid fangirls so large that not only will he be able to walk across the ocean on their backs, he will also be able to use them to enslave all free nations.

Robin Redesign

He’ll be the one responsible for most of the reviews, as well as producer of the majority of live-action videos. He also does the graphics and web design for everything Cubed Gamers, so you know who to throw things at.

  • Age: 18
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: [REDACTED]
  • Favourite game: Mother 3/Grim Fandango
  • Favourite console: Nintendo Gamecube

E-mail: robin@cubedgamers.com


Phil: Site Administrator

Phil is the more casually dressed, less folliculated guy hanging around here from time to time. He’s so smart, he once beat Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox and HAL in a pub quiz, while blinded, unconscious and buried under a lake.

Phil Redesign Big

He’ll be covering the more tech-heavy parts of this site, specifically being responsible for many of our Let’s Plays as well as site maintenance and running the forums. Less of a story-oriented gamer, he’d rather have a relaxing game of Minecraft than an action-heavy shooter… until Robin shows up with the TNT, of course.

  • Age: 18
  • Pets: has two brothers and a fish.
  • Favourite Games: Minecraft, Mario Sunshine
  • Favourite Console: Does PC count? No. So Gamecube!
  • Greatest Desire: A night alone with a hex-core processor and an 8-drive RAID array.

E-mail: phil@cubedgamers.com


Jennifer: News Editor

Jennifer is our News Editor and, as such, any complaints that we haven’t covered something well enough can be directed at her. She was raised on the Sega Genesis but has since acquired quite the collection, including such machines as the Atari 2600 and (previously) a Hello Kitty branded Dreamcast. That’s the sort of combination of video games and cats that makes the internet explode.

Jennifer Sprite Big

She’ll be reporting factually on issues of the day, as well as joining us on our podcasts to try and keep us on course when none of us have bothered to read up on the topics.

  • Age: A number of years.
  • Evidence of Nerd Cred: Collects figurines.
  • Favourite Games: Final Fantasy Tactics, Sonic The Hedgehog 2,
  • Favourite Console: Doesn’t matter, she owns all of them.
  • Fun Fact: Is American, yet likes tea. Scientists are conducting tests.

E-mail: jennifer@cubedgamers.com

Thanks for reading Cubed Gamers!

E-mail: info@cubedgamers.com

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