Glitchspace Preview: A++

April 18, 2014 in Articles, Reviews and Previews by Robin Wilde

In the weird world of video games, it’s possible to marry very disparate styles indeed. Rune Factory is a Harvest Moon game with RPG-style dungeons in between tilling your fields, and Brutal Legend mashed together a Jack Black simulator with a poor-quality sandbox and called it a day. Still, all these pale in comparison to the bizarre matchup that is Glitchspace.

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Oculus Rift DK2′s Sales Numbers Soar; DK1 and DK2 combined sales equal over 80,000 units sold

April 17, 2014 in Articles, News by Jennifer Darknight

These past few months have been a bit eventful for the Oculus Rift: Oculus got bought out by Facebook; production (and, subsequently, sales) on the first-generation Development Kit skidded to a halt due to component shortages; and the second-generation Development Kit, the DK2, finally became open for preorder last month. According to Oculus, though, things are only looking up, with combined sales of the DK1 and DK2 seeming to break the 80,000 mark.

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Final Fantasy XII Review: Bigger and Balthier

April 13, 2014 in Articles, Reviews and Previews by Robin Wilde

Along with Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy XII is the one that got away in series history terms. Its characters are seldom remembered alongside Cloud Strife or Squall Leonhart as series stalwarts and, released as it was at the very end of the PS2’s life, it never got the attention it deserved before the majesty of Corridor Simulator XIII came out. Still, in a months slightly starved of major releases for those without a PS4, it’s worth a look back on as an under appreciated gem.

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About InFamous

April 9, 2014 in Articles, Features, Lists, Trivia by Sian Bradley

With the recent release of InFamous: Second Son, we thought we’d search the whole series for interesting Easter eggs. The list isn’t extensive, so let us know about any more you’ve found!

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