Reviews and Previews

Reviews and Previews

Raining Blobs

Featuring a charming pixel aesthetic with a lively chiptune soundtrack to supplement it greatly, Raining Blobs provides a fast-paced puzzle experience that feels familiar and is simple to pick up. Akin to Dr. Mario and ...
Reviews and Previews
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Nuclear Throne

Vlambeer, the small team behind the 2014 aerial shoot-em-up Luftrausers, has struck gold twice with their latest offering, Nuclear Throne. To the untrained eye, this atom bomb baby could easily be mistaken for a pixelated ...
Reviews and Previews

Just Cause 3

Following the critical success of Just Cause 2 in 2010, Avalanche Studios has brought us yet another unforgettable open world adventure. Just Cause 3 was easily one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2015, ...