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About the Team


Robin Wilde: Co-owner/Website Designer

Robin was part of the team that established the team in 2011 and designed this website. He has taken on every role possible so far, but has since passed on the torch and enjoys taking more of a backseat, watching everything run like clockwork.

You can contact Robin at – or @Robin_CG on Twitter.

Phil for Contact Page

Phil Baker: Co-owner/Site Administrator

Phil was one third of the original team, making sure Cubed Gamers could be more than just a concept dreamed up in a teenage bedroom. As Site Administrator he’s in charge of making sure it everything works. Many a time he’s been woken up by urgent messages from Robin about something he’s broken.

If you have a bug to report, complaint about speed or ease of finding content, please contact Phil – or @Filbil27 on Twitter.


Sian Bradley: Co-owner

Sian makes up the last of the three original founders of Cubed Gamers. Over the years, she has filled every role possible and continues to be an all-rounder, pitching in whenever needed.

With an affinity for guides and the satisfying ‘ding’ of a trophy, if you’re stuck on a game, she probably knows how to help.

If you want to get in contact with Sian you can do so via or @Siantology on Twitter.

Chaz Cleckley: Chief Editor

Doubling as a host for the show Talking Sith Chaz is also the Chief Editor for Cubed Gamers. As a lifelong lover and player of video games, he brings an honest and well-rounded point of view to the team. As the Chief Editor Chaz is responsible for the creative direction of the website and various streaming and video platforms.

If you have any ideas for content you would like to see or would like to inquire about writing or creating video content for Cubed Gamers Chaz can be reached at or @TalkingSith on Twitter.

Sam Gilzean

Samuel Gilzean: Website Editor

Sam looks after the editing and publishing of content to the website, to make sure you get content quickly and in a nicely polished state. He also commissions

If you’re reading it here, Sam probably published it – so he’s the one to contact about typos! Any website feedback can be directed to Sam – he’s or @CurlyFalloutFan on Twitter.

Social Media Team

Sian Lewis and Amy Page : Social Media Manager

These three are here to make sure we reach out into the wider world through Twitter and Facebook, Stumbleupon and N4G. They’ll be using their personal experience to great effect – and if you came here by seeing one of our articles shared, then they’re the people to thank.

If you’re unsure where to send your message, please direct your mail to