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If you’re a big fan of video games and you love writing, we want you to join the Cubed Gamers team. Work with other creative, nerdy people to create great content and inform, educate and entertain people who follow the industry. Get your work seen all around the world on an attractive and professional-looking platform.

Whatever your preferred type of writing, we’ll find a place for you here. We’ll need people looking to write news, reviews, comment pieces and features, all on the topic of modern (or classic!) gaming. We’re all volunteers here, and what ad revenue we do make goes towards keeping the site running, but in addition to the great experience of working to deadlines and stretching yourself to learn new skills, you’ll get to be part of a close-knit community of journalists and creatives who all love games.

If you attend an event for us, you won’t just be an attendee, you’ll be a representative of the press. You may get review copies of games, the chance to interview players in the games industry, and generally see a side of the industry you don’t get as a normal player.


Fill in the form below, and provide us with the following information. If we like the sound of you, we can add you to our mailing list and Facebook group so you can keep on top of what’s going on and when.

  • Name and age
  • Location (City and Country)
  • Why you’d like to write for us, and what you’d hope to learn from the experience.
  • How often you’ll be able to write for us, so we know who we can reach if we need something in an emergency.
  • A sample of any previous journalistic work (news, reviews, comment, or a feature) – if you don’t have one, feel free to write us something!
  • A link to your Facebook profile, so we can add you to our contributors group.


  • We cannot necessarily respond to every application we receive.
  • We’re busy people with busy lives – sometimes it’ll take a while to get back. Be patient!
  • We don’t get that many review copies of games. While that’ll hopefully improve as our view count does, you may need to buy a lot of review games yourself.
  • If you want to attend a convention or event and represent us, you’ll need to pay for your own travel, expenses and (if you can’t get a press pass) ticket. Keep in touch with us if you’re planning to though and we’ll see what we can do!

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