Two New Videos!

Aren’t you people lucky!

The first is a dicussion on menu interfaces in games, which you can see here:

The second is the start of a Lets Play I’m making about Mother 3, the little GBA game that could. See it here also!

What’s more, as an extra special treat, we have a guest artist! Florosprout was recruited from the forums and has agreed to illustrate a few of our posts! For now, you get a sneak preview in the form of this quick sketch they drew of the CubedGamers team doing what they do best. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s awesome.

The CubedGamers team gets competitive sometimes...

A Let’s Play from Phil and a podcast from the whole team to follow shortly!

– Robin.


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Robin Wilde

Co-Editor of Cubed Gamers, meaning I send out, take in, edit and upload content. I'm also in charge of doing much of the graphics and design stuff for the site.