Trivia Corner: Dead Space!

For the horror fans out there, I thought I’d bring some horrific trivia to your
already monstrous, messed-up mind. (I don’t mean it’s bad trivia; I’m just bad at puns okay?) This game contains aliens, gore and space, guessed it yet? Don’t look at the title you dirty cheater! Yes, it’s Dead Space, the brutal alien shooter, like an updated Space Invaders. Check it out. I’ll stop my incoherent rambling and get on with the show shall I?

  1. The developers of this game obviously weren’t very original. They admitted to the world that they drew inspiration from very famous movies such as The Thing, Alien and Event Horizon as well as extremely popular games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I knew it seemed familiar…

  2. Even the protagonist borrowed his name from science fiction writers: Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. I thought he was an engineer, not an author?

  3. The religion found within the game, Unitology, was even stolen, albeit only slightly, from the Church of Scientology. They did, however, add the idea of a Marker but you’ll have to play the game to find out more. In the meantime, all salute our extraterrestrial predecessors!

  4. One thing they did show their original intelligence on though is the chapter names. When you take the first letter of each chapter, they spell out a major spoiler which is: [spoiler]NICOLE IS DEAD[/spoiler]. Oh noes!

  5. Although it’s not specifically an interesting or hidden piece of trivia, this next one is interesting enough. Throughout the game, you can hear the lullaby “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” being chanted slowly. Before you know it, Baa Baa Black Sheep will be used for brutal murder.

  6. Mr. Clarke can be found in a number of other games. In Skate 3, if you input the code ‘deadspacetoo’ Isaac will hop on his own skateboard suitably named the Necroboard. He is also a playable character in Europe’s Death Edition of Dante’s Inferno and his suit can be found in MySims SkyHeroes too.  It makes sense considering how he’s a badass cutting limbs off garble-ing aliens, I mean, who wouldn’t want him? *drool*

  7. The Necromorphs, (the term ‘necro’ meaning dead in Greek sort of gives this away…) are reanimated dead bodies from the ship. The disturbing thing is, you get some built up of numerous dead bodies which lead you to wonder exactly what they were doing before they died. You also get babies. You know what? I’m not going to ask…

  8. The majority of the weapons found in game are actually mining tools that just so happen to slice limbs off nicely. It makes sense really, considering that Isaac is an engineer and wouldn’t have access to many weapons, even through the store’s ship. So remember, it’s always handy to keep your pickaxes nearby!

  9. So we’ve learnt that the creators haven stolen names, religions and the game’s general ideas. They’ve also placed their main man in a range of games because apparently he isn’t popular enough. However, did you also know that they’ve been very racist in the game? Well, whether it was coincidental or not, it’s fun to point it out. So the main character, the good guy, is white. The two black guys die and the bad guy who acts very much like a terrorist is Arabic. Way to go Visceral Games.

  10. This last one isn’t really a piece of trivia but more an interesting bit of information. But for the sake of your hard-working minds taking in everything I’m telling you, let’s stick with trivia. Okay? Good. Whatever platform you’re playing on, sometimes when you’re in the Air Filtration room during Chapter 6, the control panels will have disappeared. Now to get just one step further in the game, you must shoot these control panels out so it’s impossible to proceed. Maybe it’s a sign for Isaac to give up and go home to a nice cup of tea. He’s had an awful day so far.

I bet you can sleep better knowing those facts right? Unless Necromorphs turn up of course… Goodnight!

Sian- Voted best video game trivia tutor five years running!

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