I am back!

Hello and welcome.

To cubedgamers.com

I am Phil, who is mainly the technician and the Let’s Player of the site, who also tends to upload the CubedPod.  (when I can get Robin involved)

This is just a short post to say that I am uploading videos again, after lots of technical problems with my computer. This has been a nightmare to overcome, now that most the problems are sorted I can upload videos for you all to enjoy.

I am also proud to say that our Let’s Play page is now up and running. You can find the page under the media tab, or just click on the link below.

Hope you enjoy the videos.


CubedPod: http://www.cubedgamers.com/home/podcasts/

Let’s Play Page: http://www.cubedgamers.com/home/lets-plays

You can hopefully see the video embed below, or if that fails then there will be a link directly to the video.


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Phil is the site's Administrator, meaning he deals with any technical issues, bugs and implementing the more fiddly new features. He's also in charge of our weekly podcast.