Trivia Corner: The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess!

Those of you who listen to my ramblings every now and then will know that I’m not a fan of the Legend of Zelda series. However, I can’t hide the fact that Skyward Sword is being released this week, especially as the majority of the staff on the website is counting down the seconds until they can rip the disc from the box and shove it into their Wii. So, in order to ‘celebrate’ this new game, I’m going to provide you with ten facts about the last game in the series: Twilight Princess. The game was generally embraced by the many fans and so some little titbits can’t go amiss can they?

1) Remember the annoying Octoroks? You know, the octopus creatures that spat rocks at you? No? That’s because this is the first game that they don’t feature as enemies. Instead, you are introduced to the Toadpoli, which actually looks like the Zoras before the release of Ocarina of Time. Definitely not the prettiest things I’ve seen…

2) So it’s no secret that Sheik was really Zelda in Ocarina of Time is it? What you may not have known was that he was redesigned for Twilight Princess, yet never actually featured in the game. However, he’s a playable character in Super Smash Bros.:Brawl. I guess he just took a detour on the way then. Keep your eyes peeled in future releases!

3) The Ooccas highly resemble the creatures within M.C.Escher’s painting ‘Another World’. Although abstract art isn’t everyone’s favourite style, take a look for yourself, but be warned, stare too long and they’ll begin to appear in your nightmares. Creepy.

*cough* Boobs. What?

4) When you’re in Hyrule Castle Town, you’re introduced to Telma, who owns the best bar in the city (possibly). Obviously, being a landlady, her choice of pet is a very helpful cat, who she called Louise. Hmm, I wonder where I’ve heard that pair before? I guess Nintendo were running out of names. Either that or they liked overrated movies.

5) The masks that you see the Ancient Sages wear are close to those that were worn by the chorus in dramas from Ancient Greece. That’s a nice bit of historic culture from Nintendo. Or maybe it was their pastime?

6) We all know that you can take a fishing break now and then don’t we? Well in real life, this is what many of the staff at Nintendo do and so thought it should feature in the Legend of Zelda series. What’s interesting though is that the fishing hut owner Hena may be a descendent of the Fishing Guy from Ocarina of Time. The fishing business obviously runs in the family.

7) Midna, your faithful, yet irritating helper didn’t always look like she does in the game. Her lovely red and yellow hair was actually red and green in development. It must have been too Christmassy for the Nintendo people. Scrooges.

8 ) Think about the Shadow Beasts for a moment. Blackish creatures with strange disc-shaped heads and tentacle hair. Very Japanese if you ask me! Well in two cut-scenes, you can see these beasts with slightly different shaped discs acting as bodyguards to Zant. Bizarrely, these were never enemies within the game; they just wanted their five minutes of fame. Don’t we all?

9) There’s a room which features a cannon that allows Link to warp. If you save within this room, you’ll encounter a frustrating bug in the shape of an invisible character that doesn’t let you leave, yet can’t be interacted with. You can’t enter your wolf form either and so you were completely stuck, meaning you either had to load a previous save or start the game again. Stress!

10) Most people know that Link is left-handed. That’s not an interesting fact is it? Well did you know that due to the majority of the population being right-handed, this is the only game so far in which Link wields his sword in his right hand and shield in his left. Serves you right for being in the minority Peter Pan… I mean Link. However, instead of simply changing the character model, Nintendo decided to flip the whole game over, but only for the Wii version, not the Gamecube version. Is that lazy or extremely clever?This unrelated image made me laugh.”


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