An Interview With Robin – Talking to a Ranter

Over the course of December, the typical reviews that you’re used to will instead become interviews with the staff members here at Cubed Gamers. Why? Because Christmas is for giving and this is about as giving as I can manage. That and it’s always nice to know that little bit extra about the people behind the ramblings.

To start us off, I’ll be speaking to the one who brightens up the end of the week with old-man rants about everything to do with gaming. Onward we go!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for the website.
I’m Robin, I kind of do stuff, I write articles about gaming in general, sort of in the style of a lecture. I do some admin stuff as well. I’m also responsible for some technological aspects of the site and I’m responsible for a lot of the graphics.

You’re sounding nervous, stop doing that, you’ll scare all the readers away. Anyway, what made you start the website up?
We [Robin and Phil] realised that we were talking about gaming a lot and thought that what we were saying might be interesting to people, so we started up a YouTube channel and a day later I had a brainwave to create the website.

Was there any inspiration behind the website?
I was sort of inspired by Australian Gamer really, I just liked the humour and independent style.

What’s the most embarrassing thing another staff member has done? Phil got hi- Phil played a donkey in a Christmas play once, he had to pad along the floor in his brown costume, while someone made a horsie sound with coconuts, then sat with his legs crossed for the rest of the play, only stopping to wave at his mum. [yes, the video can be seen here!]

What’s your favourite game of the year?
LA Noire [because] it’s refreshing to see an adventure game again.

Good choice. Come on then, tell us a funny fact about yourself.
I once ran away from home because someone told me I was a wizard and I was trying to get to platform nine and three quarters. I was only six [Sian: too young for Hogwarts I’m afraid!] and one of my friends told me they could take me there if I went to their house really early in the morning. I was nearly there and some old woman found me and walked me home.

What’s the longest time you’ve played a game for and what was it?
14 hours straight on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Not the best game to spend 14 hours of your life playing then. Okay, what’s the funniest gaming glitch you’ve experienced?
I pushed a corpse into a wall on Fallout 3 and the ragdoll physics broke causing it to fly back into my face.  I also once got the camera stuck inside Mario in Mario Sunshine.

As you’re Santa for the month of December, I have to ask, who’s on your naughty list?
Activision [for] bringing us another installment of their insipid gun wank Modern Warfare 3 and Nintendo for Skyward Sword.

PK Rockin' Out And finally, do you have any tips for aspiring journalists?
Don’t stop if you don’t meet with hundreds and thousands of views on your first article because there’s this myth that you can get fame overnight on the internet and that’s generally not true. However, the likelihood of someone important liking your work should keep getting higher if you keep writing.

Well there we go, wise words from Robin there; persevere, avoid old women when traveling to Hogwarts and laugh at your friends when they play the donkey in a school play. Join me next week as I interview the man behind the scenes!


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Sian Bradley

Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011. When she isn't helping to manage the site, she's exploring every nook and cranny in games to create guides you didn't know you needed.

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