AC Revelations: Free run fantasy?

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: A critically acclaimed game and a sequel to Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Any good? I think so.

I’l start off with the game itself, how smoothly it runs, the graphics, the missions etc.

The gameplay is smooth, no gaps, the loading screens at least give you something to do, albeit for about 15 seconds. I’ve been jumping from building to building with about 50 guards (I did nothing wrong, honest, it’s not like I walked up behind him and killed him for no good reason) after me and have never experienced one bit of lag, not the tiniest bit.  The graphics are very pretty, even if you have to use the SCART lead, because in my building hopping I did earlier, the graphics never blurred, and if it’s in HD the colours look extra nice, the shadows just right, and it complements the game to such an extent I could sit and stare at it for hours. The cut-scenes could do with a touch up though, because when people are moving it just seems to be a bit blocky, which gets on my nerves to be honest.

This is a free roaming game, which I highly enjoy, and the fact that it has set missions makes me like it even further. For example, I jump my way across buildings and a canal to get to a meeting point, which in itself is fun, and then the mission also adds extra spice, infiltrate this, or kill him, but there’s always a twist – pour exemple; you have to go through four or five battalions of guards to get to the target, or scale an extremely smooth building to get to said person, but it just feels so fun when you’re doing it.

One or two little niggles with it though, starting with Ezio. Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but it’s just after three games with him, and only the one with Altaír, I would like to see some fresh blood come in, maybe have a new weapon or two (although I love the Hookblade) and have a fancy trick up his sleeve other than the hidden blade (Though I need to get me one of those). Also, as I mentioned earlier, the cut-scenes seem a bit blocky to me, and can really get on my nerves, but almost every game has those types of cut-scenes, and, although annoying, they’re sometimes beneficial. I don’t like the interface when you go to swap weapons, because I always think the left analog stick shifts the right, and  I always end up getting out my poison blade when I need my bombs to give me a bit of assistance to engineer a daring escapade.

All in all then, I think it’s a brilliant game, even with those one or two niggles, the gameplay is just superb and the graphics are beautiful, the storyline is nice and easy to follow, with the right amount of twists and stings in the tail, so would I buy this game? Yes, I already have as a matter of fact. Would I say this is the ultimate free run fantasy? No, it still has a few problems, but it is almost certainly the best on the market for free roamers (although it has close competition with Skyrim).

Anyway, that’s me done, so happy gaming everyone!

– Nick

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