Debate – Is Local Multiplayer Dead?

Videogames have always been focused on socialisation and friendly competition, as well as the single player modes the less popular of us enjoy. However, more and more games are now scrapping the joy of sitting next to a partner or group to play for the technology of the internet. So should we keep holding on to the tradition of local multiplayer or forget about it and embrace the world of online gaming?

Overall, a mixture of the two would be preferable – the games in which there is an extensive local multiplayer alongside a large online community are the most enjoyable. Better still are the ones that let you and some friends huddle around your TV screen, teaming up to beat everyone else online. Well, until you come to the realisation that you’ll need to turn on each other eventually in order to win, but who doesn’t enjoy bludgeoning your best mates to death in order to get a meaningless virtual medal?

Do you prefer playing along with friends locally, online or neither? Why not share your opinion below. Or even just leave us your usernames so we can beat you on your favourite game (or cry as we watch our own characters die a painful death at your hand).

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Sian Bradley

Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011. When she isn't helping to manage the site, she's exploring every nook and cranny in games to create guides you didn't know you needed.

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