10 Secrets of the GTA Universe!

One of the great things about Grand Theft Auto is all the secrets hidden for the players to find. Alongside bludgeoning innocent hookers and running riot in the street in your golf cart, there’s all sorts of fun things to help your or just create a smile. With that in mind, I decided to spend my waking hours finding ten of the best secrets from throughout the series.

1) The Easter Egg Room (Vice City)

Rockstar know that there’s possibly nothing more exciting than playing your favourite game and stumbling across a hidden easter egg whilst murdering a few dozen people – so they dedicated a whole room to that wonderful feeling. However, it’s not quite the room full of secrets that you expected. Instead, the room presents the player with a single easter egg – the hollow, chocolate, seasonal kind. Ha ha, very funny Rockstar, can we at least eat it? What do you mean no? Well just you wait, when I come back with my stolen golf club you’ll be begging for mercy! Ahem.

Where can I find it?
This room is located near the News building in Downtown Vice City. Look out for a window that you can fit through and your ‘prize’ will be sat on top of a pedestal, in all its glory. Just don’t bring your flamethrower.


2) The Heart of Liberty City (GTA IV)

This secret is not just interesting to learn about, but creepy as hell too. Inside the Statue of Happiness, the smiling, friendly woman lies something far more sinister – a chained up, beating heart. Sure, hearts are common enough, but there’s something eerie about finding one locked up in a statue. Who put it there for a start? How is it still beating? Will she one day step off her platform and terrorise the city? And more importantly, what kind of secrets are hidden inside her real-life twin standing tall in New York? My brain hurts. But to make yourself feel better, why not try shooting it, maybe it’ll burst and allow you to sleep that much easier. Oh wait, no, I forgot that it was impenetrable, set to beat for the rest of time. Sweet dreams.

Where can I find it?
You’ll need a helicopter to fly to the higher level of her pedestal and enter by the sign that says ‘no hidden content this way’ (do you wish this wasn’t a lie now?). Once inside, it’s a quick climb up a ladder where you’ll easily find the lone organ. However, note that in the Ballad of Gay Tony, you can randomly respawn at this location after having one too many to drink. “Oh I’m so pissed, where did I end u- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!”


3) The Hidden Sign (GTA III)

Rather than fixing it so that ‘inaccessible’ alleys really aren’t possible to travel down, Rockstar had other plans. If you manage to get into this area then you’ll be greeted with a sign telling you that “you weren’t supposed to be able to get here you know.”. Well Mr. Developer man, I’m afraid Claude doesn’t play by your silly rules. What’s nice about this sign is that if you come back in Liberty City Stories, it either welcomes you back or points out your apparent obsession with the alleyway, depending on which version you’re playing on.

Where can I find it?
There’s a parking lot at Bedford Point, which is used in the mission Kingdom Come and if you take your car up the stairs located in the North of this building, you can jump from and climb onto a nearby building (to the West). From here, jump down onto a wall and then to the alley behind it. Near the sign is a helpful ramp allowing you to leave again. What gets me is how someone came across this in the first place, was it climb-on-everything day?


4) The Swing Set (GTA IV)

This one is less of an easter egg and more a ridiculously fun glitch. If you reverse into this particular swing set (though some cars allow you to drive forwards into it) then the swing will have somewhat of a fit and launch you into the air, usually ending with you flying through the windscreen. Yeah, that’s what you get for invading this swing’s personal space. Bitch.

Where can I find it?
The infamous park can be sound at the Firefly Projects, with both swing sets being particularly destructive. Although this is the most popular one to visit, many swings all over the city can do the same trick, which is helpful as you’ll be launched quite a distance away and driving that particular car may be difficult once you’ve landed.


5) Student Notebooks (GTA III)

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for continuously making adult jokes, whether they be obvious and in your face or hidden in the streets. One such example, which actually seems to be a realistic representation of young males can be seen in Liberty Campus. If you look closely at their notebooks (either through your scope or otherwise), you’ll be able to see that they’ve scribbled images of male genitals urinating. Lovely. Do you not do any real work at all?

Where can I find it?

These males can easily be found all over Liberty Campus on Staunton Island. Getting one to keep still while you point your gun at them may be a bit more difficult though.


6) Chuck Norris references (GTA IV)

You’ll be able to find multiple references to famous people – both fictional and real – all the way through the series and really, what would be the point of doing so if they didn’t include the overrated god of strength Chuck Norris? So, in order to please people everywhere, Rockstar included a ‘Cluck Norris’ action figure in the back of every Cluckin’ Bell, complete with chicken hat. On top of this, a book hidden in your second apartment is written by none other than Nuck Chorris. Oh you and your clever puns!

Where can I find it?
Cluckin’ Bells are about as common as sexily dressed women you mistake to be hookers in this game, so you’ll find them near enough wherever you go. Just head towards the back of the store and you’ll find him – provided you’re looking hard enough. The second apartment is the one found in Bohan with the books resting next to the TV. Ha. Like anyone in that game actually reads.


7) Rude Bridge (San Andreas)

So far, the developers have been extremely kind, providing us with hilarious or just plain great easter eggs to find, however, in San Andreas, this kindness seems to have gone on vacation. If you get on top of a bridge then you’ll find yet another sign. Oh goody! A sign, I wonder what it says? Maybe it congratulates me on my exploration? Nope. Instead it simply says “There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.”. Well then, if you’re going to be like that we’ll just have to plant a few hundred grenades on your beloved bridge.

Where can I find it?
The bridge in question is the one that connects San Fierro to Las Venturas. But if you have an ounce of love in you at all, you’ll boycott it from now on. Come on, that sign was just plain rude.


8) Rude Man (San Andreas)

Well it seems like just about everything in this game is rude, though this guy in a much different sense to the sign. Right in the middle of a busy, public place, this… (crazy? Ridiculous? Brave?) man decides to pleasure himself and never stops. Except he’s not really a man, he’s just a statue, so we can’t torture him for his act. A nice little addition is that all the statues surround him are clearly extremely shocked. I mean, aren’t we all? After we’ve finished laughing of course.

Where can I find it?
The statue can be found right in the middle of the Atrium, which you have to visit for the mission ‘Just Business’. It can be found in eastern Commerce, Los Santos and the man, well you won’t miss him. Hopefully he’ll miss you though.


9) Payne’s Pane (San Andreas)

It’s not just celebrities that get referenced in the series, but Rockstar’s other games too. For example, a small petrol station (which you visit as part of a mission), has some exceedingly strong glass along with the sign ‘Max Pane – Bulletproof Glass’ which is a very clever pun surrounding the Max Payne series… though this was probably obvious to you before I pointed it out. Still, I bet it caused a nice little chuckle in the developer’s office.

Where can I find it?
The petrol station is named Gasso, which is also a play on the real life Esso garages and can be found in Dillimore, Red Country. It’s the window with bullet marks over it – showing just how strong it is.


10) Apartment 3C (Vice City)

This whole room is referencing the incredibly famous crime film Scarface. Outside is a briefcase full of drugs which have spilt on the floor and if you venture into the bathroom, you’ll find blood splattered over the wall with a chainsaw nearby. Although it’s quite creepy to walk into, this location is extremely similar to the scene in which Angel is killed in the bathtub. What would really make the hairs on our neck stand up is if they placed the body in this scene too – though this was probably left out due to plagiarism problems.

Where can I find it?
It’s placed near to the Pay ’n’ Spray in Ocean Beach. Keep your eye out for its pink roof and dainty helicopter on top. It was actually going to be a safehouse in this game; however this plan was abandoned later in production. But don’t worry, because the chainsaw can still be yours. That makes it all better, right?

Now that these secrets have been revealed to you, why not venture forth to find your own, embrace the explorer inside you. If you find any, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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