5 Movies That Should Be Games

Although many films to be recreated in the videogame world turn out to be a massive flop (and yet still get a far bigger profit than they should), there are some that just need that extra step. However, the developers continue to look at the big named films and continually make the same mistakes, leaving some of the best ideas moping around on the sidelines. So I decided to look at some of the films that time forgot and picked out the five most interesting transitions. Don’t worry, I made sure to stay as far away from Disney as possible – they have enough terrible games to fill the Grand Canyon.


Such a classic film and yet not once has anyone attempted to release a videogame surrounding its events. Being such an in-depth and emotional plot, no doubt many developers didn’t want the responsibility of having to recreate it. That and the film may just be too old for anyone to care anymore.

So what’s the game?
As we’ve seen with many other games, third-person adventures are the best at conveying emotion and getting the player involved on a much deeper level, so this would be the genre of choice for a Titanic game. Not only would you be able to play through Jack’s story (as most of us know it off by heart and are bored of it now) but you would also be given the opportunity to play as the ship’s builder Thomas Andrews, Captain Smith or other people with strong ties to the journey. It would be able to keep things fresh and would also allow the player to change each person’s story to an extent. Of course the ship will always sink, but perhaps there’s a way to keep your character alive (hint – push Rose off the door).


An American Werewolf in London

No matter how many times you watch this film, I can guarantee it will put a smile on your face. It plays out as though it doesn’t have a care in the world, mocking its own genre while still making you jump. An equally carefree and fun loving game seems like the most obvious step for this golden oldie.

So what’s the game?
Well what could be more carefree than a fighting game? Each night, you would be placed in an arena with another victim attempting to fight back. Then, once you’ve fought your way through a few rounds, the sun would rise, showing David holding the morning newspaper, assessing the damage he’s caused. Simple old-fashioned gameplay would make this game a lovely counterpart to the film. However, to modernise it slightly, an online mode would be introduced, allowing you to pick from a range of characters (man or beast) and battle it out. And of course, there would be the occasional appearance from Jack, leading your further into the story.


Carrie (1976)

Yet another film that continues to haunt you, no matter how many times you’ve sat through it. The struggle of one girl against the rest of the world makes this an interesting storyline, whether it be on the small-screen or played straight from your console.

So what’s the game?
In order to be kept entertaining, the game would have to stray a bit further from the plot than any other on the list. Rather than taking place over a few days, this would be focused more on Carrie discovering and sharpening her powers, rather than letting them take over when she’s angry or upset. Through the game, you would learn how to move all sizes of objects in various ways, allowing you to get through a school day messing with lockers and furniture when people mock you (which would be quite often). What would make this game a success though would be the prom. After learning all your powers, you would be set free with the task of causing as much destruction and as many deaths as possible, with no real environmental limits. Carrie: The Videogame would be perfect to let out all your vented up anger. Covered in blood.


The Hunger Games

Sure, it’s all about the murder of children (though sometimes, isn’t that one of the most pleasant thoughts?) but more than that, it’s a test of survival skills and sheer brutality. Well it should be, with Katniss, it’s more a skill of how to win over an audience and climb trees with ease. However, were it to become a videogame, you would be in power, allowing you to make Katniss as deadly as you want.

So what’s the game?
Not quite a survival game, not quite action packed either, but a mix of the two would suit this title nicely. It would come with multiple modes – the story mode which follows the film’s plot and sees you fighting your way through the arena as Katniss Everdeen, though we all know how this one will end. Alongside it would be a challenge mode, where you play as a custom-made child, select the sort of arena you wish to compete in and see just how far you get, allowing you to explore the many different paths available, whether than be running out into the open and killing everyone you see or hiding away somewhere picking off competitors from the shadows. But where would this game be without an online mode with you placed in a long match with 23 other bloodthirsty gamers. Just don’t forget the importance of food. You may be laughed at for it.


In Time

A film all about stealing from the ungrateful rich people in the world and giving it to those who need it most is easily transferred into gameplay. However, unlike Robin Hood (who absolutely no-one cares about now) rather than stealing money, you steal part of their life – which means murder can be involved. Even better.

So what’s the game?
A sandbox in which you must complete missions which closely follow the plot of the film whilst keeping yourself alive. Your time balance would be displayed in the top corner, forever ticking down, meaning that you could easily lose your life if you dawdle over missions. But, being a sandbox, there are plenty of people to steal more time off, so long as you beat them up enough to do so. Richer people would be more prepared for your advances, meaning that you have to work harder if you want a greater sum of money. In your spare time, why not hold up a shop or two in order to get even more time to give to the homeless people dotted around the town? And, as with all good sandboxes, there would be many inventive ways in which you can steal your fortune (and spend it, I mean, the homeless don’t need all of it right?). It would be the first movie to game tie-in to provide more than 4 hours of fun, making it an almost instant bestseller. Brilliant.

There you have it – ignore the Battleships and the Ice Ages and try to look that little bit further into the horizon, you may be surprised with what games you could come up with. By the way, if any of these suggestions do make it into the gaming world then I expect 50%, if not more. Actually, why don’t you just give me all the profits? That should keep me happy for a while.

Know some more films that would make the perfect gaming experience? Why not share them with us below, you may even get famous for it one day.

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