Should Gaming Magazines Give Up The Fight?

Following the recent announcement from Nintendo Power about their close-down this December, we’re faced with a situation that’s been coming for a while – the end of print games journalism (and print journalism as a whole). But should the much loved magazines quit while they’ve got the chance, before bankruptcy runs up and slaps them around the face?

Sure, the time will come for print media to die out, and everyone will suffer including games journalists, but unfortunately, due to the interactivity of games themselves, perhaps they will be one of the first groups to disappear. However, that time isn’t quite upon us yet, and many print publications are still going strong. Until they really start to suffer, leave them be, don’t give up hope and collect as many free gifts as possible… while you still can.

Think magazines are way past their time? Would you rather carry on your collections for years to come? Whichever side of the debate you stand on, share your opinions with us! We won’t ridicule you like an angry troll. Probably.

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Sian Bradley

Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011. When she isn't helping to manage the site, she's exploring every nook and cranny in games to create guides you didn't know you needed.

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  1. Poe 27 August, 2012 at 20:00 Reply

    Just yesterday I threw away a bunch of Nintendo Powers from the mid-2000s and some recent issues of Game Informers that I had lying around my room. I only kept the Nintendo Powers that mentioned EarthBound or EarthBound 64, and that one issue of EGM from 2002 that mentioned Starmen.Net. I did have the 2007 issue of Nintendo Power where Starmen.Net got a big feature in the back, but then I shipped it to Japan in a big present box for Mr. Itoi. I’m happy to have let that one go for a good cause!

    For me, magazines are a pain in the ass to properly store, I rarely look at them more than once anymore, so I just don’t want to keep them around. Plus, when I want to move out of this apartment, stacks and stacks of magazines are so heavy that they will cost a lot to ship and I’d rather save my money.

    The Nintendo Powers worth keeping are the ones produced before the year 2000, IMO, but I suppose that’s because I’m an old fart. I’ve embraced the internet so fiercely that magazines are a waste of paper, space, and money to me now. I’m not bothered that Nintendo Power is ending its run.

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