7 Differences Between Videogame and Real Life Driving

As so many games now allow you to hop in a car and drive away, regardless of any skills you may or may not have, we decided to look at the more important differences between driving in a videogame and real life.

Pedestrians run away.

In most games that feature driving, the attempts to run over a few unsuspecting civilians is incredibly fun – they take flight as you rev your engine and then the chase begins. They’re quick on the ball but the satisfaction as you realise you’re much quicker is great (and actually quite a dangerous attitude). However, in real life this isn’t the case. If you come speeding around the corner, straight onto the pavement, the likelihood is that no-one has the opportunity to run away. Instead, you’re left with a bloody mess and a strong feeling of guilt. If only they’d started running…


Pedestrians have better ragdoll physics.

As we’re on the topic of running over innocent people, this is an important feature of driving to address. Part of that guilty feeling in real life is because people just collapse on your bonnet or in a heap on the floor, pain stricken across their faces. Yet, in the videogame world, as soon as you hit someone, they’ll go flying along the road (or even better, high into the sky), letting you create a sort of points system. Soaring through the sky, limbs flailing? 100 points! Crumpled on the floor? Boo, no points for you!


Police are always chasing you.

It’s difficult in games to tear your way through the streets without have sirens and blue lights flashed in your mirrors. The police are on every street and seem to have their eyes peeled for you alone. For some, the chase may be thrilling, for others, an annoyance. Yet it’s inevitable. In real life though, many things can be gotten away with. Police are too busy eating donuts to notice your rowdy behaviour and if they do, it’ll more than likely be a ticket as opposed to the bumper-car hilarity of the videogame city.


The car can take a lot of punishment.

Crash into five cars at 90mph in a game? No problem, just pick yourself up and speed off again, it’s only a few bumps and scratches. Crash into five cars at 90mph in real life? You may want to think about getting to hospital. And don’t think that you’ll see that car outside the scrapyard again as it will more than likely be a metal mess. Never mind the poor victims’ cars. Here’s a task for you Ford – create a car that can be smashed into endless trees and buildings alike. Then the fun will start.


Stealing cars is much easier.

When trying to take that lovely, shiny new sports car away from your neighbour’s driveway the game makes it seem like a doddle. Smash the glass, jump in, wait a couple of seconds and off you go. It’s almost as if the wires are already sticking out, just waiting for you to hotwire your way from the situation. But have you ever tried the same task in the real world? I certainly hope not. If so, I’m sure you’d find it a lot more difficult to find the correct wires and start the car. Not to mention the high pitched squeals of the alarm warning your neighbour of your antics. Probably better to save up your pennies, right?


Cars double as submarines.

Okay, so in the recent years, this phenomenon seems to have been fixed. However, years ago, if you crashed your virtual vehicle into the icy depths of the sea, you could just keep on driving. Who cares about the water filling every crevice of the car? It still works right? Either that or it’ll explode, but even that seems like an impressive way to die. Real life just isn’t the same. You drive into the water and your car will give up the fight. There will be no underwater adventures here, just lots of water seeping through the gaps, threatening to take your precious air.


Other cars drive ridiculously slowly.

Although speed limits are occasionally seen in games (probably because you’re going too fast to care), other drivers seems to be adamant on doing 20 or 30mph. When driving down a narrow road, this isn’t exactly an advantage, but when there’s a severe lack of people cutting you up and speeding down the side of you it’s a nice breath of fresh air. Once again, real life is set out to disappoint as the road is filled with awful drivers who think you’re the kind of person to be pushed around. If only I had my tank car you’d regret that move Mr. BMW.

Please note that we do not condone any of these acts, nor have we tried them ourselves. But feel free to try them if you want. Just let us know how you go on.


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