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Tim Schafer’s most beloved adventure is to be one of our video series for the next three weeks, starting today with the release of episode 1, covering Manny Calavera’s journey from the Department of Death to the port town of Rubacava.

Grim Fandango follows the exploits of Manuel Calavera, or Manny, a reaper for the Department of Death in the Eight Underworld. His job is to collect souls from the Land of the Living and try valiantly to sell them the best travel packages across the world that their good and bad deeds in real life qualify them for. The saints among us travel by luxury train and those who have been bad – well, they get to walk.

Unfortunately, not everything is going to plan. Something mysterious is happening with the train tickets, and Manny and his demon mechanic Glottis must travel the Land of the Dead to uncover the sinister goings-on.

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