Why Luigi Is Cooler Than Mario

With the announcement that 2013 will be Luigi’s year, we take a look at why he is much better than his brother Mario.

He has initiative


Although Luigi’s Mansion was a scary time for our much loved character, he didn’t dwell on it for too long. Once rescuing his brother, he decided to make something of his experience and start up his own ghost hunting business. You don’t see Mario doing that do you? No, he just ignores his job as a plumber to go running after a girl, like a horny teenager. Fingers crossed that the business goes well for Luigi – what a mature young man.


He has more of a personality


Speaking of his mansion adventures, Luigi shows us that he’s much more three-dimensional than his brother. During the game, we see Luigi develop from having a strong fear of his location to overcoming that fear and showing us that he’s a much stronger person than we thought. What has Mario shown us? That he can run through the same route multiple times in his lifetime. How… good.


He’s rescued Mario far more times


Although we all see Mario as the hero of the games, you have to stop and wonder how many times has he rescued his brother when in trouble? I’ll help you out a little – the answer is none. On the other hand, Luigi has run to Mario’s rescue three times, showing a strong love for his sibling, without gaining more than a simple ‘thank you’. Come on, you’re brothers, you’re supposed to have a strong bond, why is Luigi’s love unrequited?


He has cooler equipment.


No. That’s not an innuendo. We’re talking about his vacuum cleaner. Don’t pretend like you didn’t have a strange fascination with these when you were younger, watching your mum parade around the room, making things disappear with this magical machine. Okay, so maybe that’s just me, but anything beats a water machine, right? Not least one that he can’t use unless it talks to him and explains exactly how it works. It’s not rocket science Mario. I don’t see your water having an effect on the deceased.


His girlfriend is cooler.


Everyone pretends to love Peach, but really,who doesn’t get aggravated when they hear she’s gone missing again? What does she do? Tie herself to Bowser each time she’s rescued? Daisy isn’t that stupid. No, Daisy has only been caught once and spends the rest of her time playing sports in teeny tiny shorts or generally enjoying her capture-free life, meaning that Luigi doesn’t have to play Mr. Clingy and go running after her every five minutes. So how does this make Luigi better? Well, we all know, if you have a cool girlfriend you… probably don’t play many videogames. Oh.

Who do you think the cooler brother is? Let us know in the comments below!

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