News In Review: 19/02/13


Sony are poised to unveil ‘the future of PlayStation’ this Wednesday as the start of the next generation approaches. The announcement is widely expected to be the first glimpse gamers will have of the manufacturing giant’s next generation home console, popularly (but not necessarily officially) called the PlayStation 4. This is an especially likely rumour given that over the past week Sony have been airing documentaries about the history of the PlayStation, PS2 and PS3. You’ll be able to keep up with the news via our Twitter feed and of course there will be a regular news update on Thursday.


In further Sony news, the cost of the company’s handheld, the PlayStation Vita, has been cut in Japan. The system has dropped in price from ¥29,980 to ¥19,980 for both models, a significant drop that comes at a time when the Vita is being outsold by the 3DS in the country by 500-700% weekly. The price drop will not extend to the other regions, despite sales in those regions suffering as well – it could be that Vita already sells for a loss and a worldwide cut would provide too little money if it failed, but sales of Vita in Europe and North America are also proportionally better than those of Japan, being outsold by 300-400%. The price cut still leaves the system higher priced than the ¥18,900 3DS XL, but could leave Sony in a much stronger competitive position once it begins to release high profile games.

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