News In Review: 10/04/13


EA have once again been voted the worst company in the USA by readers of The Consumerist, beating out such worthy contenders as Bank of America, Carnival Cruise Lines, Facebook and Ticketmaster. The company also received the ignoble honour of the Golden Poo in 2012, which was thought to be a reaction to the extremely negative reaction of fans to the handling of Mass Effect 3’s ending.

However, it’s questionable whether EA really deserves the accolade of worst company. Certainly they have had some rather unfortunate incidents recently involving SimCity and DRM, but given they’re an entertainment company. Their job is to help make life more enjoyable for people that like their games. It seems a little unfair, therefore, to rank them as more evil than Facebook, which sells your personal information and won’t let you delete your account, or Bank of America, who evict people from their homes.


The next console in the Xbox line is due to be unveiled next month and will feature x86 PC architecture, according to rumours from Bloomberg. The new architecture would differ from the PowerPC structure currently used in the Xbox 360, and while PC ports would be simpler to accomplish, the system may have to sacrifice backwards compatibility as a result.

The second part of that rumour stated that on May 21st, two weeks before this year’s E3 conference, Microsoft plan to reveal the existence of their newest machine, following the pattern set by Nintendo back in 2011. The manufacturer will be hoping to steal some of Sony’s thunder as they are widely expected to show off the retail version of their latest console at the trade show this June.

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