News In Review: 17/04/13

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct broadcasts today, which accounts for the late upload of this report. Here’s everything we found out:

Dynamic duo Mario and Luigi are to return to the 3DS this August in their latest RPG, entitled Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. The story has not been entirely fleshed out beyond focusing on a magic pillow Luigi uses to enter a dream world where Mario can rescue Princess Peach. Ridiculous, I know, but you’re more than welcome to a preliminary trailer. It seems to suggest that the brothers will be able to multiply in some capacity, which should be a scary prospect for the villain (for it is never Bowser in the RPGs) and their minions. Coming August 11th.

Mario is definitely not slacking, since he will also be starring as his infant self in a brand new Yoshi’s Island game for 3DS. The original game is usually regarded as one of the finest games on the SNES, and although the sequel wasn’t quite as well-received, we certainly have high hopes for the puny plumber and his prehistoric pal. This is one of the many first-party games Nintendo will need to recapture its base audience and kickstart the slightly flagging console sales they’ve been experiencing the last few weeks.


We’re very much not done yet though, as what should emerge but a new 3DS Zelda? And it’s top down too – just the thing for those of you who loved A Link To The Past but couldn’t quite get on with Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Well, while we don’t yet have a release date, we can quote Nintendo when we say it’s coming this year and is set in the same world you’ll recognise from the SNES game. If what you’ve seen so far has enticed you, you’d better believe it’s a good year to be a 3DS owner.

Pikmin 3 has been delayed once again, but now has a firm release date of August 4th. The latest adventure of the Hocotatian aliens in their quest, this time, to rescue previous protagonist Captain Olimar when he goes missing. While the game was originally slated as a launch title of the Wii U, it’s our hope that Nintendo have been using the extra development to improve the game so that it reaches the highest standards. Feast your eyes on this.

For those of you who are big JRPG fans, you’ll be well catered for as well with the announcement of the localisation of Bravely Default, the story of Iceland’s refusal to pay its national debt. No, not really – its subtitle is Flying Fairy and despite having one of the most ridiculous names in gaming, it’s apparently quite similar to Final Fantasy V. If you enjoyed the adventures of Bartz and Co., you’re certainly welcome to give this one a try. Here’s a trailer.

And finally (we really do mean finally), we’re pleased to announce that Earthbound will reach the Wii U’s Virtual Console before the end of the year, and I implore every self-respecting gamer with the console not to pass it up. Earthbound looks like a fairly generic RPG, but features hilarious quirky humour, lovable retro-futurism and one of the most fantastic soundtracks ever committed to the medium of game by composer Hirokazu Tanaka. If you haven’t read up on this game and its wonderful history, you can check it out on There’s also this documentary from the Happy Video Game Nerd.

If you’d like to watch the whole broadcast, including the new Mario Golf game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and a bunch of Virtual Console announcements, you can right here. Enjoy!

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